5 Most Common UX Pitfalls That Keep Product Leaders Awake At Night

The Satan-gular: UX Debt

The term "UX debt" can be complex and easily overlooked by many businesses who may not fully understand its importance and relevance.

How Do You Spot Ux Debt And What To Do With It?

It can be challenging to spot, but there are several signs that can indicate the presence of UX debt like, inconsistent design, User complaint, etc.

Beelzebub: Transitioning From Legacy To Modern System

The issue at hand is that numerous legacy systems were created before the popularity of UX, which can pose a challenge for modernizing them. 

The Witch in the Hood: Lack of Research-backed Design

Designing UX without conducting user research is not truly UX. Without proper UX research, there is a significant risk of creating functionalities that fail.

Lucifer Of UX: Collaboration

When there is a lack of collaboration, communication tends to suffer, resulting in a breakdown of the UX design process.

The Invisible Ghost: Implementation At The Expense Of Usability

Often, development teams begin coding before wireframes are even finalized. So, Don’t design anything that will take time to implement.