Why Only Functional Systems Are No Longer Enough


Needs and wants. Aren’t these the driving force behind most human actions? American psychologist, Abraham Maslow published a research paper titled “A Theory of Human Motivation” way back in 1943. The contents of that paper covered his interpretation of human needs and their hierarchy from the most basic to the most complex. Maslow’s observations have … Read more

Best Practices for Patient Portals to Improve Patient Engagement

Patient Portal is connected to the Electronic Health Record (EHR), which gives patients a look into data related to their health. These include lab results, physician notes, their health histories, discharge summaries and immunizations. Some patient portals go beyond to a stage where patients can only view their data. These portals include features such as … Read more

Gathering UX Requirements

Gathering UX requirements

Compiling requirements for your Enterprise products can lead you to a tricky spot where it is hard to determine how much is actually enough. There are several defined methods and templates available to suggest what you should do. Gathering user ux requirements often require inputs from your key stakeholders across products, sales, marketing, legal, and … Read more