Koru UX Recognized as a Top UX Design Agency on Clutch

The new tech world is all about experiences, no longer just the product. Users look for enterprise products, the same way they shop for other goods. Users expect seamless usability and intuitive interface on any enterprise application. So how can you make your User Experience memorable yet extremely efficient? At Koru UX Design, we are … Read more

The Rise of Predictive Analytics Technology in Enterprises

Predictive Analytics Design

Among the whole gamut of human emotions, the best feeling has got to be the one when someone really “gets” us. That incredible feeling when you don’t need to use any extra explanation or justification – the person you’re dealing with knows exactly what you’re going through and has the perfect response to it. Now, … Read more

UI Design Trends 2021: What’s Working in Enterprise App Designs

UI trends in Enterprise Applications

There exist over thousands of specialty software fuelling B2B operations, including financial trackers, CRMS, HRMS, ERPs, and more. These software typically tend to be feature-rich and complex, which sometimes can result in difficulty of use. Of course, with companies realizing the potential and impact of user-centric systems, the onus lies on the designers to rise … Read more

What do Enterprise Software Users Really Want?

User-centered design (UCD) is an approach that prioritizes human needs, behavior, and capabilities. The experiences designed under UCD accommodate these qualities so that the resultant product gets the required job done effortlessly, rendering happiness and satisfaction to the user. Good design is based on a deep understanding of human psychology and is dependent on effective … Read more

How to Design a CRM System? 5 Actionable Tips on CRM Design

A lot of effort goes into building enterprise products like ERP, EMR, CRM, HRMS, or any SaaS application – it is also a challenge when it comes to scaling and managing them. While working on enterprise products like CRM, designers usually have to cater to two sides, the actual users and the stakeholders or those … Read more

How to Communicate Visual Hierarchy

Human beings are naturally hard-wired to identify patterns, even when there may not be any present. Similarly, we tend to follow a pattern when using a new website or an app. We navigate it instinctively and get frustrated if the site does not respond the way we expect it to. If we encounter this frustrating … Read more

Empathy Maps Made Easy: A 10-Minute Guide

User Experience is as successful as the accuracy of user knowledge. Which means that the more you know about your user, the better your final product can turn out. What your user wants, thinks, says, needs, and feels, are all important insights for developing a smooth user experience. Empathy maps are a powerful tool that … Read more

4 Superpowers of Every Designer

UX Designer Superpower

There happen to be a multitude of dimensions that fall under the functions of a designer, from making cake toppers to building bridges, and from securing your bank’s app to deciding the precise shade of Thanos’ purple visage. All things said and done, it’s safe to say that their work involves tremendous people-pleasing maneuvers. And … Read more

What to Expect When Conducting Enterprise UX Research

UX Research

User UX research is paramount when it comes to creating a rich and valuable user experience. Done right, it also translates into a product that’s high on quality, utility, as well as business returns. The enterprise context brings with it its unique set of challenges – a large number of stakeholders, legacy systems, and buyers … Read more