4 Enterprise UX Challenges We Conquered in 2021

ux challenges

That enterprise UX is challenging is perhaps the understatement of the year. And, we at Koru UX have been fortunate enough to tackle a variety of UI and UX design challenges in our projects over the years. While it is true that enterprise systems are highly complex and mission-critical behemoths, human needs and requirements form … Read more

Nailing the ‘Wow’ Moment in Enterprise Products


Imagine you’ve gone to dine at an upscale Parisian restaurant. The vibe inside is awash with enough French disdain to intimidate the best of us. You’re seated and then handed a menu in chaste French. Enter, the charming serveur. He treats you with genuine courtesy, he overlooks your horrific pronunciation of “bouillabaisse”, and gently proffers … Read more

Usability Testing for Enterprise Products: Everything You Need to Know

Usability Testing for Enterprise Products

It is a well-known fact that Jeff Bezos invested 100 times more in usability testing than in marketing in the first year of launching Amazon. It has been studied that the initial research on user patterns has been the key to Amazon’s success over the years. Amazon has an incredible conversion rate and exceptionally high … Read more

Dealing with Teams That Do Not Believe in Minimum Viable Product


The path of innovation is a complex one to tread on. Especially in an environment where conformity is usually the norm. So, when you have to convince a bunch of skeptical stakeholders of a radical concept such as a minimum viable product, things can get a whole lot slippery. We’re sold on the idea of … Read more

Design Workshops: The IT Leadership’s Best Tool to Building a UX Culture

Here’s some food for thought – what would happen if companies took the bold step of curating the user experience of their employees with as much zeal as they did for their customers? What kind of a world would that be like? Here’s an average scenario in a telecom company. Oftentimes, their customer service agents … Read more

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise UX Design

Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise UX Design

So, our marketing manager walks into the office one day, donning this t-shirt which says, “Alexa, play everyone who played me.” Image courtesy: Amazon.in And I thought to myself, if that were indeed to happen, Alexa would precisely play everyone who specifically played her. You see, this AI-powered assistant knows all the specifics about you … Read more

6 Signs Your Enterprise Application Needs a UX Audit

Enterprise applications

We’re 20 years into the new century now. What are the chances that you’d be viewing this on a computer that runs on Windows XP? Remotely slim, presumably. With that for context, consider the fact that several large businesses across industries such as banking and finance, healthcare, telecommunications, government, etc. are still functioning on systems … Read more

Transforming Legacy Systems is the Need of the Hour

Transforming Legacy Systems

Before we discuss Legacy Systems. Enterprise applications refer to integrated computerized systems that operate all the phases within an enterprise’s workflow. A large software system platform, these are specially designed to facilitate work functions in corporate environments such as large businesses or governments. Put simply, they help in the coordination and facilitation of work across … Read more