Design Thinking in Healthcare

The Design Thinking approach is a method of problem-solving that focuses on human behavior and needs. The process employs empathy, voluminous idea generation, rapid prototyping, and continuous testing to tackle complex challenges. Speaking from the healthcare perspective, designers focus their efforts on firstly, understanding how the system functions, and secondly, on the needs of the … Read more

The New Big Enterprise Investment – UX

A decade ago, MySpace was huge. The social network took over the internet and stood tenaciously against all the competition that came in with the explosion of the internet. And yet, it took only a Facebook to completely undermine MySpace’s market share. Facebook took over the social media and grew into a network of its … Read more

Ensuring Healthcare Compliance with UX

empowering compliance

Technological innovations today are the driving force behind assisting the medical community to deliver quality care more effectively, along with improved security, privacy, and regulatory compliance. As healthcare organizations continue to face challenges in terms of providing round-the-clock services online, added complications such as meeting security and compliance standards set by – Health Insurance Portability … Read more

Enterprise UX – Challenges and Solutions

What if you get the opportunity to design a product that will willingly, wholeheartedly be used by thousands of users, no questions asked? That’s Enterprise UX (eUX) for you. And as with all good things, there’s a catch here as well. These willing, wholehearted users are actually employees who have no choice but to use … Read more

Unlocking ROI from the Inside Out

How exactly does one measure the actual worth of User Experience (UX) to an organization and is there a way to justify the spending on UX? It is quite a challenge to calculate the ROI of UX for B2C products and services, and an even uphill task when it comes to enterprise companies. With user … Read more

Why Discuss UX in the Boardroom?


Investing in User Experience (UX) is a huge deal for most companies. In boardrooms across the world, the topic of investing in UX tends to come up as an afterthought in most cases. Such conversations tend to be hasty and unremarkable; consequentially, meager UX budgets are relegated to being sourced with great difficulty. More often … Read more

UX CONSISTENCY: A Universal Challenge For Enterprise Products

Having worked on multiple enterprise applications, my team and I have come across compelling challenges faced by this domain that are unique. These problems call for specific and custom curated approaches which would strike the sweet spot between business and users needs. eUX (Enterprise User Experience) offers fertile grounds to engage and resolve problems through … Read more

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is a cult science fiction movie authored by the legendary Arthur C. Clarke. It features the “talking” computer, HAL, who eerily murders most of the human crew under its care. To this day, fans of the 1968 classic experience a gooseflesh moment when the astronaut-protagonist Dave Bowman requests HAL … Read more