Dealing with Teams That Do Not Believe in Minimum Viable Product


The path of innovation is a complex one to tread on. Especially in an environment where conformity is usually the norm. So, when you have to convince a bunch of skeptical stakeholders of a radical concept such as a minimum viable product, things can get a whole lot slippery. We’re sold on the idea of … Read more

Telecom Companies Can No Longer Ignore UX. Here’s Why.

Telephone receiver & Mobile

The surge in digitization means that it’s a rocky road going forward for the telecom industry. The sector is predicted to combat a massive digital disruption as its core voice and messaging businesses continue to shrink, thanks to the overpowering advent of social media communication channels. Within the US alone, voice calls from mobiles and … Read more

How Telecom Industry can save itself with UX?

In the last decade, telecom businesses have undergone huge changes due to digitization. The core usage of voice and text services have reduced as social media platforms have presented diversified opportunities for people to connect with each other. A slew of new, upcoming and innovative digital devices as well as over-the-top (OTT) software and applications … Read more